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Mak Zuljevic


As a multi-disciplined designer with a passion for all things creative, I aspire to carve my path as a UI/UX designer. Combining my global adventures and my background in Interior Design, I bring a unique perspective to creating intuitive and visually compelling user experiences. As a creative dreamer, I am driven by the power of design to shape and enhance human interactions. Fueled by my enthusiasm and a hunger for growth, I am dedicated to continually expanding my skill set and knowledge to create innovative designs that resonate with people from all backgrounds and leave a lasting impact.


Embark on a Dog-friendly Journey with Dogspot

Project Overview

Many pet owners face significant challenges when it comes to traveling with their pets, including finding pet-friendly accommodations, navigating transportation options, and ensuring the safety and well-being of their pets during the trip. These difficulties can make it stressful and challenging for pet owners to travel, leading some to forego travel opportunities altogether. Finding ways to make pet-friendly travel more accessible and stress-free is essential for improving the overall travel experience for pet owners and their furry companions.

Dogspot is a travel phone application aimed to connect owners with dog friendly places. Users will be able to find dog friendly hotels or vacation rentals, restaurants, dog parks, hiking trails and shopping destinations. The goal is to create a community for dog owners, while encouraging owners to get out and explore more of the world without having to worry about finding pet care.

Design Process


To begin the design process, I used a multi-step approach to gather comprehensive insights on user preferences and competitor offerings. Initially, a competitive audit was conducted to analyze major competitors and their platform features. This gave me insight into what features were currently missing for this topic. Lastly, I created a survey to capture user preferences and identify the most desired features. I gained insight on how and why owners travel with their pets, and what activities they enjoy doing most.

I began by analyzing survey data to understand my target audience better. This information helped me create two user personas that represented the characteristics of my primary demographic. With these personas in mind, I proceeded to develop wireframes, which provided a visual blueprint for the app’s layout and flow. Once the wireframes were established, I focused on adding content and crafting a visual identity. During this process I created a logo, established a name for the app and narrowed down my color scheme. After refining the visual elements, I moved on to creating a high-fidelity prototype. This interactive prototype brought the design to life, enabling users to explore the app’s features and navigate through its screens.

Project Details


Overall, I feel like I was able to execute the goal I set out to achieve. I feel like this project is one I could continue working on for an extended period. As an app, it holds potential for growth and improvement. There are numerous possibilities to explore, including refining search results, implementing advanced filtering options, and expanding its reach to other cities. Throughout this project, I enjoyed conducting the research and applying my findings to enhance the app’s design and functionality. The process has been rewarding, and I have gained new skills throughout.
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