Benjamin Jordan

Benjamin Jordan is a graphic designer and freelance creative artist. Ben found an interest in graphic design when his high school teacher suggested he take his school’s first graphic design/Photoshop class. From there, Ben attended Central Washington University focusing on fundamentals such as fine art, sculpture, photography, and the building blocks for Abode Creative Suite.

At his junior year of college, Ben decided to continue his education in Seattle at Lake Washington Institute of Technology where he is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Applied Science with a focus in Graphic Design. LWTech has afforded Ben the opportunity to excel in subfields such as branding, identity, communication design, and publication and layout.

Currently, Ben is looking for a graphic design internship with a firm that will help develop his skills not just in his career but will allow him to explore the graphic design field if given the opportunity. Ben’s dream internship is currently Hypebeast Magazine, or Carhartt WIP for their editorial department because of their eloquent, spacious and chic like imagery combined with powerful, loud, in your face typography.

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