Brianna Ramos

Brianna Ramos is a designer based in the greater Seattle area with a special interest in illustration, graphic design, and environmental graphic design. Influenced by her Mexican roots, her work frequently features vivid colors and bold type. Brianna values creating immersive experiences and forming personal connections through design. After graduating from Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Brianna would like to continue working in the Seattle area in either graphic or environmental design.


The “Te Lo Juro!” brand began as a reflection of my personal experiences as a first-generation Mexican-American woman. The phrase “Te Lo Juro!” translates to “I swear!” in Spanish, something I frequently exclaimed at the end of my dramatic re-telling of stories as a child. My goal with Te Lo Juro! was to share with the world the same colorful and whimsical feeling I had growing up. After researching competing Latinx-inspired brands, I found that their designs lacked sincerity and creativity. I set out to create a brand that challenged that.


Since its initial conception in Spring 2020, the “Te Lo Juro!” brand a lot. It was difficult finding a balance between my personal stories and creating something relatable that could be enjoyed by many. Overall, I believe the final designs did just that. Building the brand was a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing it. I managed to create a whole universe of possibilities and I look forward to continuing this project beyond graduation.

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