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Delaney Majors

Delaney Majors is a graduating student this Spring, specializing in graphic design with an interest in brand building. Delaney believes in the power of visual identity and is passionate about creating designs that authentically reflect the purpose and essence of a brand. Collaborative by nature, Delaney thrives when working alongside other creative individuals, appreciating the collective power of diverse perspectives. Over the past two years, she has honed her skills in graphic design while working for an event company, where she discovered a love for experiential design. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm and expertise to new opportunities in the design industry.


The inspiration box for Creatives

Project Overview

ThinkKit is an inspiration subscription box for Designers and Creators that helps combat their creative blocks. Sometimes creatives need just a spark of inspiration to get back on track, but sometimes it may also take creative exercises, education, or advice to get through the struggle. This subscription box is a box of excitement and curiosity each month, with not just visually appealing materials, but also tools to help people better understand themselves and how to refresh their minds.

All creators have experienced creative blocks in their careers or personal life, and if there is a job on the line and deadlines, sometimes creative blocks can have a negative toll on mental health and the work itself. This issue is relevant in Art students’ lives, professional designers, artists, filmmakers, authors, and more.

Design Process

This project developed out of my desire to have specially curated items for Designers and Creatives that were unique, enriching, and conveniently provided tangibly. My research began with understanding how inspiration is triggered, what it is, and how people achieve motivation and inspiration differently. I conducted surveys with creatives that helped indicate how they felt they were best inspired, motivated, or encouraged. From the information I gathered, I created two personas that helped steer my design process. I also researched successful subscription boxes within all content categories and those sending crafty, creative content to see how they represented their product and brand.
My design process began with outlining and understanding the guiding principles and the desired experience, listing who would be interested in this product, keywording, and defining the brand’s aspects and attributes. From this point, I started building out the visual parts of this project. I built a mood board that represented the creative community, was modern, energizing, and had quality tactile features. I chose the name, ThinkKit, for the brand because it was a simple way of conveying self-reflection, personal well-being, and creative exercising, which was the ultimate goal of the materials in the box. With all these things in mind, I developed a visual vernacular for the brand that captured its purpose and was flexible to accommodate a new monthly theme.

Project Details


With this project, I was able to design a visual identity for ThinkKit that represents its users and expresses its values and purpose meaningfully. Through this process, I learned that people have different interests and things that excite them, which in turn could affect the contents of their subscription boxes if I were to make a website that refined the curation of each person’s interests and was able to customize per user. I believe the ThinkKit subscription box is a solution for busy creatives and a joy for those looking for an extra spark.
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