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Jamedith Chavez


Hello! My name is Jamedith Chavez, and I am graduating with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Design. I was born in the Seattle area but my cultural roots come from the Philippines. Despite facing emotional challenges and earning my GED instead of a high school diploma, I went on to complete an Associate’s degree in 2018 and attended several colleges since then, culminating at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

The Late Bloomer is my capstone project showcasing a personal journey of self-love through poetry and photography. My aspirations include becoming a respected motion designer and eventually working freelance to travel the world.

I currently work as a blood lab technician and part-time tarot reader, while organizing with Filipino-American organization Malaya. I am grateful for the support of my friends and family, and trust that they’ll continue to support me in all of my future endeavors.

The Late Bloomer

A Tarot-Inspired Poetry & Photography Collection

Project Overview

Introducing “The Late Bloomer” project: Through tarot-themed poetry and photography, I aim to share my journey of self-love and personal growth, encouraging others to embrace their unique paths without comparing themselves to others. This project entails creating a poetry photography book featuring 40 poems accompanied by 1 to 10 photographs per poem. The main deliverable is the book, available for purchase, alongside tarot readings offered during the capstone senior show. Success will be gauged by the completion of the book and positive feedback.

Process Work


My journey into creating a tarot-themed poetry book involved extensive research spanning various aspects. Over the past decade, I’ve utilized poetry as an emotional outlet through life’s highs and lows, culminating in the foundation of my book. I then delved into introspection regarding my current life circumstances. This led me to integrate tarot symbolism into my poetry, prompting thorough research into the meanings of tarot cards and their application to each poem.

I meticulously studied the distinctions between upright and reversal cards, ensuring accuracy in their representation.

Consulting with friends and family regarding potential interest also allowed me to gauge demand accurately. To refine my approach, I analyzed competitors’ works, seeking inspiration while discerning strategies to differentiate my book. Leveraging insights from reviews and market trends helped me formulate unique concepts that could potentially resonate with readers.

Furthermore, I conducted location research to optimize the visual component of my book, exploring local areas for photography and honing my skills in efficient photo editing techniques. I aimed to craft a poetry book that not only reflects my personal journey but also resonates with readers on a deeper level.


The design process for my poetry book project was a multifaceted journey that involved careful planning, research, and creative exploration. I needed to strategize which poems from my past to include while also identifying the new ones to write.

Facing the challenge of producing a poetry photography book for the first time, I embarked on a challenging learning process, seeking to understand the intricacies of book production and the logistics involved. This entailed conducting thorough research into book layout design and production costs.

Concurrently, I delved into a competitor analysis of popular poets to refine my own approach. I decided to infuse my self-love book with a tarot-themed narrative by leveraging my existing knowledge while deepening my understanding of tarot symbolism through additional research. Drawing from diverse sources, including other book layouts and feedback from friends and family, I honed my vision for the book’s aesthetic and content.

I iterated on rough layouts, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

The enthusiastic support and interest expressed by my inner circle served as validation of the project’s potential success, reinforcing my commitment to delivering a meaningful and impactful poetry book.


The deliverables for my poetry book project include the finalized poetry photography book titled ‘The Late Bloomer,’ which will encapsulate my journey of self-love and growth through tarot-themed poetry and photography. This book will feature a curated selection of 40 poems, each paired with 1 to 10 photographs meant to capture the essence of my personal narrative. Additionally, I will be offering tarot readings for sale during the capstone senior show, providing an immersive experience for attendees to engage with my project on a deeper level. The production of high-quality printed copies of the book will ensure its availability and visibility to potential readers and buyers. Overall, the deliverables aim to not only share my story but also inspire others to embrace their own paths of self-discovery and acceptance.


“The Late Bloomer: A Tarot-Inspired Poetry & Photography Collection,” underscores the importance of personal pace with the transformative power of art and vulnerability. The purpose of my capstone project was to share my journey of self-love as an inspirational piece, offering readers peace of mind while encouraging them to live their lives at their own pace, emphasizing the perspective that we’re not alone in our struggles. This project’s most significant achievement was creating and selling an original book that shares the importance of embracing vulnerability and self-compassion. Despite the challenges of curating 40 personal poems, capturing over 1500 photos, and learning book production and distribution, the journey has been rewarding.

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