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Joseph Kit


Seattle-based designer working across fashion, music, and contemporary culture. Growing up in the digital age, I find bridging the gap between digital and physical realms has always been a through line in my design approach. My goal is to explore how seemingly different realities can complement each other rather than exist separately. Ultimately enriching the creative landscape for both creators and consumers alike.

Over The Hill Magazine

A magazine where artists, curators, and creatives set the narrative, exploring the essence of physical media in a digital age.

Project Overview

Rooted in the idea that artists should be the ones setting the narrative, starting their own publications, and sharing ideas without any influence from the market. The magazine seeks to revive the tangible charm of physical publications while connecting to the rich lineage of print history. It’s also a personal project that allows me to apply my design skills while learning about the behind-the-scenes efforts required to bring such a vision to life.

Process Work


I felt it was important to work with local talent from Seattle to build connections and gain hands-on experience in the creative process. The photoshoot features Karsten Kroening, a clothing designer based in Seattle who focuses on bridging the gap between functional and aesthetically pleasing apparel.


Collaborated with Emily Un a Seattle based photographer to edit the edit the photos from the shoot, ensuring we achieved a look that matched Karsten’s vision aesthetically while also capturing the essence of the editorial.


For this project, my key deliverables included a magazine and a promotional video. Below, you will see some of the most notable spreads from the issue, highlighting the distinctive perspectives and works of the featured artists.


In conclusion, I believe this project was a unique and successful attempt at providing value to everyone involved, which was a very important factor for me. I learned so much about the overall process, brought together a diverse group of creatives, and featured many artists in a physical form that feels unique and exciting in the digital age. I can see myself continuing to produce issues on the side as a way to bring the people together and ultimately share ideas while building a community.

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