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Karl Olson


With a background in designing digital media art content and a passion for producing high quality work, I am determined to implement my design skills into projects that will make an impact that will benefit any client. I use extensive research to study the best approach to a design project with a team or doing that individually for a client. I have always had a passion for expressing myself through graphic art that has a balance of functionality and good visual appeal to the viewer. Over the past two years, I have honed my skills in the field of design, while doing that I have discovered a love for designing the layout for projects and collaborating with others to perfect these projects. I am excited to put my new expertise and knowledge to new opportunities in the design industry.

Ukraine and the West’s Choice

A website about the war in Ukraine, detailing the events that led up to it, how to keep up to date on it, what issues are at stake there, and how to donate to help Ukraine’s people in their struggle against Russian leadership aggression.

Project Overview

The topic of my capstone project was to argue for continued support for Ukraine as it struggles in the face of unprovoked Russian aggression that has been going on for three years now. Support from the west and the United States in recent months had worrying signs of wavering and needs to be reinforced. I felt I had to do something that could help. This website is to show people why they need to help the people of Ukraine stand firm in the face of authoritarian dictatorships like Russia in the person of Vladimir Putin who manipulates his own people into throwing away their lives to further his own ambitions and those who support him. By reading up on the events leading to the conflict, studying why this conflict matters, reading about the atrocities being committed by the Russian leadership and military, and what this conflicts ripple effects are, people will be inspired to action to help support Ukraine mostly through donating to the causes that supports them and downloading graphic art to remind those who donate to Ukraine so they do not forget the conflict. 

Process Work


For this project, I utilized three research methods for developing the website. I did a market analysis of websites advocating for helping Ukraine, I studied what certain features those websites had and what they did not, plus what a website could use more of based on my observations of these sites. I next created a survey so I could get people’s feedback on what they know of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how they were keeping track of it. I also needed to know what they think of the events going on in Ukraine. This gave me some insight into how aware people are of the conflict and what I need to do in order to build my website according to the data I received. The content for the website was created by my looking online for information about Ukraine through scholarly sources when possible, and/or website articles. This research was to give me the information I needed to put together for my website. 


Following the research phase I began construction of my website through first in Adobe InDesign design then in Figma. I had taken what I made in some earlier sketches to design some wireframes then went through a process of iteration, eventually replacing the filler text and images with my research on the events leading up to the conflict, the atrocities done by Russian military forces taking place there, the ripple effect of that conflict and other content I had typed up and plugged in to the website. I researched all my information and images content online. After all my content was plugged in, I continued with the test of the user flow for my website through several rounds of others doing the testing of my website and giving me feedback.  


After refining the layout and user flow, I created a high-fidelity prototype in Figma. This interactive prototype brought my final website design to life, enabling users to explore the website’s content features by navigating through its web pages.


Overall, the website project was a success. The user testing and feedback gathered during the development of the website provided important insights into user behavior and preferences. If more time had been allowed, I could have added more features to the website such as a function to purchase website merch items or developed collapsible sections on some pages. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the final outcome of this project. I firmly believe that this website will give users a great way to learn more in a summary about Ukraine’s history, what led up to the war there, and what is going on there that will inspire them to support the cause and do what they can to give Ukraine’s people a better chance at a future free from the Russian leadership that is threatening them. By knowing what is at stake in the fight against brutal and tyrannical regimes we should know why we must stand up to them. 

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