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Liz Sanchez


Liz Sanchez is an imaginative and passionate designer with a love for fantasy and make-believe. Formerly a history major, Liz realized pretty quickly in the middle of a class exercise that her true love was in design.

She is inspired by her culture, history, and fairy tales. Liz strives to create works that put people first. She enjoys working with a variety of colors and creating whimsical but practical pieces. Liz hopes to work in the Experiential Design field one day and is excited to keep learning and working. She is excited to see what the future holds.


A letter to Mexico exploring coming of age in a machismo culture

Project Overview

“Mariposas” is a multimedia book that looks at the past, present, and future of Mexican culture in regards to feminism and coming of age. This book discusses lessons from the past, primarily focusing on La Malinche. In the present, this book examines our current culture, focusing on Chicano girls and the concept of “not from here and not from there” that is prevalent in our culture. Finally, this book ends with wishes for future generations written by myself and other women in my life. Ultimately, it is a love letter to my culture and a wish for a better future.

Process Work


A majority of my research came from my previous background in history. Owning several books on Mexico’s colonization and its aftermath, I became inspired and wanted to look at how this has affected our culture in modern times. I was especially fascinated with machismo and the effects it has on feminism and womanhood, another topic I had previously researched in another paper. There were many factors that went into the research phase, which were based around previous research work I had done.


The foundation of this design project was a previous project I had completed, which was a journal for tracking the menstruation cycle. The original project comprised a handmade and hand-painted booklet with illustrations marketed towards teenagers.
For this book, I followed a similar pattern. Much of the journal was initially drafted on various sheets of paper and formatted numerous times in InDesign. I also crafted illustrations for the cover and poster, which underwent several drafts.
The objective of this project is to create a simple but effective booklet that can be enjoyed by both teens and older adults.


As this project is a book, I created two mock-ups of what the cover would look like, along with some pages from inside the book. These mock-ups represent what this book could look like in a hardcover format, as I am currently binding my own copy to be in paperback form.


My goal was to create something that I felt could represent my culture, something that I love and am so proud of, but also something that I recognize has its own faults and issues. I am very happy with this project as I feel that it does its job. At the end of the day, it is my own little letter to Mexico.

I think this project was also very challenging, but in an amazing way. I learned so much from this experience that I’m not sure I would have been able to do anywhere else. This project helped push me, and for that, I am glad. Overall, I am very satisfied with “Mariposas.”

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