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Manh Nguyen


I am a passionate UX and visual designer rooted in the vibrant world of digital creativity. Growing up in a global, interconnected age, I am driven by the challenge of blending digital and physical experiences seamlessly. My work is a testament to the belief that these realms can enhance and complement each other, rather than exist in isolation.
As I embark on my professional journey, I am eager to delve into the dynamic world of design, contributing to projects that push boundaries and inspire innovation. My goal is to continually grow and refine my skills, creating meaningful and impactful designs that resonate across different realities.

CAM Magazine​

The Legacy of War and Echoes of Orange: The Lasting Impact of Agent Orange on Vietnam

Project Overview

“CAM” is a Vietnamese word which means orange in English, and it stands for the Agent Orange. This project will talk about the victims and the people who have suffered as well as the impact that still exists today. CAM is a unique and poignant magazine project named after the Vietnamese word for orange, symbolizing the infamous Agent Orange. This magazine aims to shed light on the harrowing impacts of Agent Orange on its victims, both past and present. Through a carefully curated collection of articles, CAM will provide a deep and thought-provoking exploration of the enduring consequences of chemical warfare.

Process Work


I’ve been contemplating this project for a while now. The research primarily focuses on identifying the style, colors, and other elements needed for a magazine. This process has been both exciting and challenging, as it involves piecing together a cohesive vision from various inspirations and trends. However, there is one aspect I wish I could have included: interviews with actual victims or witnesses. Unfortunately, I didn’t have contact with such individuals, which has been a significant limitation. As a result, I had to rely on articles from the internet to gather the necessary information and personal accounts. 
To add diversity and a unique perspective to the project, I also selected one or two articles in Vietnamese, which is my native language. Including these articles not only broadens the scope of the research but also connects the project to my cultural roots. This blend of sources aims to create a richer and more authentic narrative for the magazine, even though it means missing out on the depth that direct interviews could have provided. Despite these challenges, I am committed to making this project as comprehensive and impactful as possible.


Running the magazine solo presents its unique set of hurdles, particularly when curating content primarily sourced from the vast expanse of the internet. Amidst the abundance of articles, discerning which ones merit inclusion becomes a delicate balancing act. To imbue the publication with a sense of cohesion and purpose, I’ve implemented a strategic approach: the creation of a mood board. This visual roadmap serves as a thematic anchor, guiding the selection process and ensuring that each piece aligns harmoniously with the overarching tone and style envisioned for the magazine. By adhering to this curated framework, I strive to deliver a curated reading experience that resonates with my audience, encapsulating the essence of my editorial vision. 


The goal is to highlight the dark effects of Agent Orange, so I will incorporate numerous dark elements to tell these stories. The entire magazine will feature a black background with white fonts to create a stark, somber atmosphere. While some images might be disturbing, they are necessary to convey the brutal impact of this toxic chemical on people during the Vietnam War. Through vivid storytelling and powerful visuals, I aim to shed light on the suffering and long-term consequences faced by the victims. This magazine is not just about documenting history but also about raising awareness and ensuring such tragedies are never forgotten. The haunting visuals and narratives will serve as a powerful reminder of the devastating human cost of warfare.


Before beginning my capstone project, I was unsure of which topic to choose. Then, I recalled my visit to schools in Vietnam where I encountered individuals affected by Agent Orange. This experience inspired me to create a magazine focused on this issue. Although some of my friends suggested that this topic might be controversial for my portfolio, I believe that people will recognize the value and purpose of my work. My intention is not to offend, but to raise awareness and advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. I chose this topic to highlight an important issue and to channel my passion into meaningful work.

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