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Permeet Bansal


Hello! Permeet Bansal is currently studying Graphic Design at LWTech. Permeet has a deep passion for visual communication and creative problem-solving.

In college, Permeet is learning to blend artistic expression with practical design skills and is excited to expand their portfolio through creative projects and internships.
After graduation, Permeet hopes to use their graphic design skills to impact the industry positively. They are inspired by the success of BASD graduates who have excelled at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing.

Graphic design is Permeet’s creative outlet—they enjoy exploring modern art, typography, and digital media. Permeet believes design can solve problems and create memorable experiences.

Journey IPA

Making eye-catching illustrations for IPA beer labels that tell the story of its flavors, history, and brewing process.

Project Overview

The objective of this project is to create illustrations for IPA beer packaging that go beyond traditional labels, transforming them into visual storytellers. These illustrations aim to capture the essence of IPA – its bold flavors, historical roots, and the craftsmanship involved in its brewing process.

Process Work


I began my research by looking into label designs for various beers. This particular label was created for Oyster Creek Brewing Co. and their new NEIPA release. The illustration, inspired by a supernova and the citrus flavors of the hops, fits perfectly with Oyster Creek’s nuclear power-centric branding, bringing energy and vibrancy to the label. Additionally, I explored works by illustrator Zach Carcy, who has extensive experience, particularly with IPA label designs.


I started sketching out what each bottle label would look like. Initially, I considered including a map-style trail at the bottom, where collecting all three bottles would complete the map. However, I decided instead to make each flavor uniquely represent a different part of the journey from Great Britain to India.


Each design (flavor) has a piece of history connected to the journey to India.

Journey’s label captures the adventurous spirit of the British sailors’ long voyages to India. The design features nautical imagery, such as sailing ships and vintage maps, symbolizing the historical roots of IPA. The overall look is reminiscent of an old-world adventure, inviting drinkers to embark on a bold voyage with every sip.

HopStar’s label celebrates the art of brewing IPA by highlighting the essential role of hops. The design showcases close-up illustrations of hop and brewing process , with vibrant green tones to emphasize the fresh, hoppy flavors. This label is all about the craftsmanship and science behind creating a hop-forward taste experience.

Tropical Heat’s label reflects the challenges faced by brewers as they transported beer through hot climates. The design features sun-drenched landscapes and tropical plants, with bold, warm colors that evoke the intense heat and vibrant flavors. This label tells the story of how IPA thrived despite the tropical heat, offering a refreshing yet bold flavor profile.


I knew going into this project that it is a difficult subject with many complex aspects. The exhibit would be walking the fine line between despair and empowerment. Clarity on the challenging concepts is key, so people know that they will be looking at the problem in some capacity but also being offered pretty cool and inspiring solutions. It’s comforting to know that there are so many people out there working to make the world a better place, and hopefully inspire more of us to take up the cause.

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