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Rhizlane Lahmoudi


I am a highly passionate and imaginative visual designer with a keen sense of aesthetics and a strong desire to create a visual impact. I possess a solid understanding of design principles.

I started my journey as a Visual Designer with a deep passion for art and design. As the years went by, I developed my skills and knowledge through formal education and practical experience in different design fields. I enjoy working on various projects, from creating logos and branding to designing interfaces for websites and mobile apps. My goal is always to bring ideas to life in a visually impressive and refined way.

I am looking forward to connecting and exploring exciting design possibilities together!


A healthy snack packaged in sustainable packaging 

Project Overview

My project idea is inspired by my journey of creating homemade healthy snacks for my family and friends. Their positive feedback and occasional requests to purchase them have inspired me to explore the possibility of turning my hobby into a business venture. One day, I gathered the courage and ideas to find a way to make it happen. The demand for healthy snacks has continued to rise with increasing health consciousness and a focus on sustainability. This has led me to think about creating a digital platform that offers healthy snacks packaged sustainably.
Additionally, the platform would offer valuable insights into the health benefits and environmental sustainability of these products.

Process Work


The main objective of conducting a competitive audit is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape within the healthy snacks market. The goal is to use this information to refine my project strategy, differentiate its offerings, and enhance its value proposition to effectively attract and retain customers.


Crafting this platform’s design was a meticulous journey, blending creativity with functionality. Every pixel, every element was thoughtfully considered to ensure clarity, elegance, and transparency. The design process reflects my commitment to delivering not just a product, but an experience that captivates and delights the users from the moment they first engage with the platform.


In the projects, I focused on brand identity, package, and website design.


The Dateful project has been a rewarding journey. The website’s clean design and user-friendly navigation have received positive feedback, making it easy for visitors to learn about the mission and products. There are areas for further improvement like enhancing the mobile user experience, expanding content on the blog for better engagement, and integrating a more interactive community section could further elevate the website. Thank you.

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