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Sofiya Smirnova


Sofiya is an enthusiastic artist and designer whose passion revolves around developing services, products, and experiences with pleasurable and positive impacts that allow individuals, communities, and sustainability to flourish.

With over seven years of experience as a classical painter, Sofiya brings a unique perspective to her projects. This background allows her to approach her work with openness and expressiveness while also paying attention to the appropriate details and visual conventions. Her strive for personal growth led her to further hone her design skills by pursuing a formal education at LWtech, where she focused on developing innovative solutions, creating user-centric interfaces, and crafting cutting-edge products.

Throughout her design journey, Sofiya has learned the importance of empathizing with users’ understanding and thought processes. As a result, she places a high priority on considering their needs and preferences when designing their experiences.


ReTrade • ReDiscover •ReVamp

Project Overview

Kott assists individuals in exchanging clothing that no longer suits their needs, fostering a sustainable fashion community where people can discover perfectly fitting pre-loved garments in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Excessive production and consumption of clothing has a crucial adverse impact on our environment, society, and global economy. The surrounding culture of fast fashion possess a significant challenge, as the almost instantaneous gratification of new styles can be short-lived for individuals. This often leads to careless and improper disposal of clothing, as they are quickly deemed out of date, further exacerbating the problem.

“Substituting the action of making a new purchase with the creation of a system to circulate clothing that no longer serves the owner can alleviate the culture of overconsumption.”

Design Process


During the initial phase of my research, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of the fast fashion market, examining the various issues associated with it and identifying the incentives that drive individuals to participate. These incentives primarily revolved around accessibility, price sensitivity, and convenience.

I delved in exploring potential solutions to address the identified issues, and that’s when I discovered the concept of “slow fashion.” As my understanding of how slow fashion operates got deeper, I recognized a challenge I can help to address: most exchanges within the slow fashion movement occur locally and in person, which limits its outreach and impact.

However, this challenge also presented an opportunity for me. I saw the potential to transform the fast fashion shopping model into a slower, more sustainable one by incorporating its key features into a trade system. This way, I could bridge the gap between fast fashion and slow fashion, bringing about positive change.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of my target audience, I developed personas that represent the main attendees of swap meets, who are key stakeholders in this transformation process.

By thoroughly analyzing various fashion shopping apps, I have compiled a comprehensive list of features they offer. I then incorporated these features into an exchange system that closely emulates the functionality of swap meets.

Project Details


In conclusion, despite the project’s tight timeline, I successfully prioritized the development of key components that lay groundwork for future enhancements. One of the exciting features i have planned is a dedicated section for users to explore and showcase the outfits they have exchanged, encouraging personal style expression and supporting the slow fashion movement. I firmly believe that Kott has the potential to make a substantial impact in promoting sustainable fashion practices. By empowering individuals to embrace a more conscious approach to fashion, we can collectively contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. With every outfit exchange on Kott, we are fostering a community that values quality, creativity, and longevity in fashion, ultimately shaping the way we consume and appreciate clothing.
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