Tiffany Warrick

“ Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ” - Stella Adler, Actress / Founder of Adler Method

Following my artistic disposition, I attended Shoreline Community College and received my associate degree in Visual Communications. I began working for a design firm and quickly moved my way up into my dream job as a Creative Director. After a few years I decided to go back to school to attend the bachelor program at LWTech and decided to leave everything behind and jump in. This would be the best decision that I could have made. Though I have many years of professional and real-world experience, nothing can compare to the power of a degree in your hands alongside it. Upon graduating from LWTech, I will continue my education to a University to pursue a double master’s degree in Finance and Healthcare Management. I wish to become a leader in business and hope not only to design my company and team but also my own future exactly how I see fit.


Too often we scrutinize ourselves and become our own worst enemies. We even become enemies to each other when we are, in fact, on the same side and should support each other – our sisters. We have enough opposition coming from everywhere else and do not need to add any more to it. We should not focus on the negative aspects of what society makes us believe about ourselves and each other. Instead, we need to recognize the main and key aspect that makes us incredible – the fact that we are women. Glorious women. Beautiful, striking women that should be seen for the wonders that we are. Through this project, these photographs will showcase different women in various forms up close and personal under a macro lens to create the illusion that we are all the same, one form. I want the audience to feel the essence and rawness of each one of the women photographed and see the pure beauty that makes each of them truly women. These women have different looks, styles, outward appearances, incomes, sizes, weights, heights, proportions, job titles, and sexual orientations. There are studs, femmes, trans, straight, and lesbian women used in this installation. My main point is that regardless of any of these labels or titles, we are all equally women.


I am very pleased with the results thus far with this art installation. I had a vision in my mind of how things would turn out and slowly but surely, they have come to fruition and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Each photograph that I have taken has a story attached to it and small pieces of my subjects live within this work. I was happy to see any bits of self-conscience feelings that these women may have had disappear as they viewed themselves as art and felt beautiful and comfortable in their skin. It took a lot for some of these women to expose themselves and to trust me in this process and I could not have accomplished it without them. I am truly grateful.

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