Vanessa Bjornoy

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” - Paul Rand, Graphic Designer

Vanessa Bjornoy is a Designer located in the Greater Seattle Area. As of Spring 2021, she will be graduating Summa Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Applied Science in Design.

She is an Innovation-driven Designer adept at contributing to a highly collaborative work environment, finding solutions, and determining client satisfaction. Enthusiastic and hard-working with a winning attitude and focused on setting high expectations and raising quality standards.

Vanessa has always been passionate about the creative field whether it be online or offline. She is searching for an environment where she can bring her skill set and a strong drive to the table. When collaborating with Vanessa you gain access to more than her experience, you gain a deeply ingrained motivation to constantly improve, not only herself, but every project she can get a hand in.


Bregne is a mental health app designed to grow with the user and change with the times. Throughout the development of Bregne, there were many phases in which I had to go through to make sure everything was correctly done. Wide-scale surveys were conducted, and user testing was utilized to be sure that this app would be useful to many. There are many ways mental health conversations are held out in the world and not all of them are spoken about in the most positive and supportive methods. Bregne has been developed so that users can have affirming conversations about themselves in ways that work. They will be able to apply resources and taught behaviors into their everyday lives. When viewing the framework of Bregne you will learn more about where it started, and why Bregne ended up where it did.


Challenge: As the years go by, more people struggle with their mental health while the stigma stays the same. Many people do not reach out for support, while many others do not even know where to start. Resources are out there but they are spread out, leaving people confused and weary. With covid-19 continuing to cause distress an accessible way to get help is becoming more necessary for our community. Mental health is still considered a strong taboo in 2021 and we need to find a way to break it while also providing necessary help to those in need.

Goals: My goal is to educate users on how they can help themselves in ways that work. I want to encourage a daily return to the app to help develop the internal growth and habit-building that is a necessary development for a positive outcome.

Approach: With information being shared online at an increased rate a platform was considered. The platform would provide the opportunity for users to learn about what they and people like them are going through. Building on that, they will be provided an opportunity to develop self-growth through an anonymous on-the-go resource. The platform will be designed to provide information and coping skills to users while also informing them of further resources.


After going through the process of research, wire-frame development, and aesthetic ideation I have been able to develop a system that is not only inclusive but integrative with the development society constantly goes through. I have collected post feedback on the layout and system flow and have gotten to a point where the application is engaging, has a positive return rate, and simple integration of personable interaction.

The framework of this application may be set, but there are many more potential possibilities that can develop over time. As the world is in an ever constantly changing state, it is important to keep up with current trends, while researching responsible methods to assist the newfound discoveries. Bregne was created to be an application where updates are necessary, not only to the growing interface but also to the methods in which we strive to help the community.


Through the development of this application, I believe that I have made strong strides to build an inclusive environment that can have a hand in the education and growth of many communities. Currently, Bregne is in a strong place to provide the opportunity for positive change and impact. This is due to in-depth research, user testing, and feedback. The mission statement of Bregne is “Let’s Grow Together.” This phrase holds strong in terms of friends, families, communities, and between you and Bregne itself. By utilizing the resources Bregne has to offer you are not only investing in the growth of yourself but the community. I hope we can all see positive change in the world of mental health, one user at a time.

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